Hey! Wise Advice for My Butthead Neighbour

I am so irritated I could spit. I wish I was the kinda gal who could chill when people are behaving like total a-holes. It’s one thing if smokers want to kill themselves, go around smelling like ashtrays, become a burden on the health care system which our tax dollars are paying for, make their children sick, loose productivity at work because they are outside caging a smoke…wait, that’s more than one thing…the point is, I only believe minimally in smokers rights, because when their addiction impacts ME and invades my personal space, I have to draw the line! The butthead who recently moved in next door (anorexic-looking twit with a 8-4 job, a stupid boyfriend who makes her squeak when they’re having sex, and a cat that I feel VERY sorry for), might be very quiet tenant (except maybe for all the knocking on her door by people using a ‘secret code’ on the door seven thousand times a night, golly gee, is she selling drugs too?!), but it turns out the common wall we share, transmits her cigarette smoke. Great. I pay an obscene amount of rent money for my haven, my oasis, my mecca of personal space…and I am forced to suck up the result of HER addiction. Hey Butthead! Capital District Health Authority is giving FREE smoking cessation aids if you join their program. Com’n babe. You can do it! Quit killing yourself and that stupid cat of yours, and most of all, stop irritating ME...and then maybe I won’t be so inclined to use all of the 200 watts of speaker power (‘Van Morrison Live’ tonight) to blast out my frustration. The fact that my window must be open during a wacky March blizzard, just so that I don’t croak, seems a little silly. Sigh. Maybe I wouldn’t have felt so touchy about the smoking thing tonight, but this morning, I walked by a Metro Transit bus shelter (ironically, it was outside the hospital), and a bunch of QEII hospital employees were using it as a smoking hut. Very nice. Where are you HRM by law enforcement officers?! You guys just blew a $350.00 fine TIMES at least three or four buttheads! If you added up all the potential butthead infractions and collected the fines, maybe we could afford to run this city efficiently. OK, Now I need to put on some music again…let’s see…I really like that John Mayer CD…


4 responses to “Hey! Wise Advice for My Butthead Neighbour

  1. What a cun-. How the hell does smoke go through walls? You reference smoking cessation for her. maybe you should seek psycho help.

  2. Hey there freeman who called me a cun_ … gaping baseboards, connecting radiators system, wall outlets…older building…do YOU live in a bubble or something? I don’t think so. Or maybe your olfactory system (that’s the one in your schnoz, my friend) is as defective as your brain. You probably annoy the hell out of YOUR neighbours too. No doubt, you are a smoker and in total denial that your disgusting addiction impacts the rest of the world. Hmm. tha’t sounds like a delusion worthy of “pshyco help” there freeman…quick call your shrink!

  3. Paula Connolly

    Herefreeman must live in a single dwelling and have a sense of smell immune to smoke.
    Anyone who lives in an apartment and doesn’t like being surrounded by smoke can understand the frustration of not being able to get away from the smell of cigarette/cigar smoke and the resultant burning eyes that sometimes occurs

  4. Dude, I don’t know how you manage to get such hostile dickheads commenting on your blog. Every time I pop in, I see some twirp making a fool of herself. With my blog, you’d think I’d have ’em in droves, but you poor thing, you get more of ’em.

    I haven’t dropped by in a while, shame on me. But I had a neighbour like that, and I wish your neighbour and mine could go live in a special place in hell together. And she dealt drugs too…and I was afraid to come home at night. I never knew how tense I was until I moved and didn’t have to fear the goons lingering around the place.

    Hope you are well.

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